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In considerations of big bass fishing, you should consider some factors before you select the perfect lure which includes visibility, common bass type in the fishing area, and water depth. However, it may not be easy to know the factors if you haven’t made a fishing trip, so fishing people need to have lures variety in a tackle box to have all fishing conditions met. You should decide on various lures that fit different circumstances. Have lures for murky water and those for surface fishing. You need to explore bass fishing lures below to have modern equipment for fishing in your tackle box. Some of them include;

  • Crank-baits
  • Spinner-baits
  • Plastic Worms


They are of various colors, sizes, and shapes and resembles craw-fish. They work in all water kinds, both in deep and shallow fishing and are easily cast. Crank-baits give you different fishing styles with the environment. There are deep, medium and shallow varieties of lure where experts may use even when ambushed to fish. Using crank-baits allows you to fish in large water area faster, and is used for tournaments of fishing where tournament competitors are supposed to have many large-mouth basses reeled in a short time. Tail spinners are however the best way of catching underwater bass.

crank bait


When spinner baits are smoothly reeled in, they spin in water in a cool way hence the reason for its name. The baits cover a large water area due to their movements in water hence attracting the surrounding bass attention. Spinner-baits affect more vibration underwater; hence they may catch bigger bass especially when they are reeled underwater. The lure causes a stir in murky water that attracts the largest large-mouth bass. They are of various blade configuration, color, and sizes that help in matching the fish type targeted by fishing people and their environment. They resemble bait-fish where the large-mouth bass happens to eat large quantities; hence they are more useful.

spinner bait


Plastic Worms

Plastic worms are among versatile bass fishing lures apart from being fished from lakes and rivers top-to-bottom depth. The plastic worms are of various colors from smallest to largest and in all available colors. You can rig them with any style that you may want, and they will always catch many basses, provided the fisherman is in a position of knowing the place they can find the fish.

plastic worms bait

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